PJ Masks Guinea Pig loves to try to eat veggies. PJ Masks loves to try to eat salad, carrots, greens. Mainly because PJ Masks eats a lot of veggies, PJ Masks does not have constipation. PJ Masks is healthy and pleased as a guinea pig can be.
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This is a rabbit village and guinea pig village. Below are the casts:
one. Thomas the Teach Rabbit is a New Zealand albino rabbit. He is welcoming but loyal to his enthusiasts, Ashima and Emily.
2. Diesel is a terrible person in Thomas the Teach. In this scenario Diesel is not a terrible person. Diesel is just major. He weights 20 kilos and loves to give Thomas the Teach difficulty. He is a Flemish Huge rabbit.
three. Ashima is a New Zealand rabbit. She is Thomas the Teach wife. Ashima’s competitor is Emily. Ashima and Emily competed for Thomas the Teach attention.
4. Emily is Thomas the Teach mistress. She slept with Thomas the Teach a couple of times and that truly pissed off Ashima for the reason that Ashima is Thomas the Teach wife.
five. Percy is an English Angora rabbit. He has so a lot hair that they termed it Afro. Percy is much too slow to get Ashima and Emily attention. Percy is pretty wonderful an tame. Percy loves carrots.
6. James is yet another English Angora rabbit. James is Thomas the Teach close friend, but at times Thomas the Teach thought James is his girlfriend for the reason that he has so a lot hair.
7. Gordon is an Abyssinian guinea pig. Gordon loves to have the still left more than. Gordon is compact but never below estimate Gordon for the reason that Gordon is aware pig Kung-fu.
eight. PJ Masks is yet another Abyssinian guinea pig. This Abyssinian guinea pig has a confront that looks like a mask.
nine. Shaun the Ship is an American guinea pig. She is expecting by PJ Masks.

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Thomas the Rabbits and Ashima and Emily are taking part in with Thomas the Teach sets. Ashima loves Thomas. Ashima is a New Zealand albino rabbit.

Thomas the Teach is also a New Zealand rabbit. He is a stud.

These rabbits dwell a pleased life. Thomas the Teach, Ashima, and Emily woke up at five AM. They have their breakfasts, then operate all over in their big pen. They even do tai chi in the pen. Then appear carrots for the rabbits. They like it below!

Toys encourage the rabbits mind and make them pleased.