EVIL ELSA & JOKER vs SPIDERMAN VOODOO DOLL PRANK w/ Giant Needle – Enjoyable Superhero Motion picture in True Lifetime

Elsa is walking in the park and enjoying her time. Instantly, The Joker seems out of nowhere and hypnotizes her with a Spiderman wand. She rapidly morphs into a darker and far more evil Elsa. Meanwhile, The Incredible Spiderman is using selfie with his Iphone. Joker gives Elsa a Spiderman Doll and a giant needle telling Elsa to damage the doll.

Elsa puncture the doll on the head and at the exact same time, Spiderman felt great discomfort on his head. Then Elsa stabs the doll butt and Spiderman falls down since a person just stab him from guiding. Then Elsa can make the doll punches by itself and Spiderman starts off to punch himself seriously difficult in the upper body. Joker grabs the doll from Elsa and bends Spider-Gentleman legs backward and Spiderman falls to his knees since it hurts badly. Then Joker snaps the doll back in half but it explodes and burn so he threw it down. Spiderman sees Joker and Elsa, so he chases them away.

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